Filihankats is a small FIFe-registered cattery of Siamese cats and a few Oriental cats in the traditional colours, and this website is primarily about the cats that participate in the breeding process. The cats are our “family”, and in the true sense of the breed they exhibit the same traits, however each one has their own character and personality which enriches our lives daily. 
We take care of our “family” by giving them the environment they thrive in, an enclosed garden and courtyard. 




We enjoy taking thorougly care of the litters which comes from our healthy and race typical cats descended from international lines. We give high emphasis on rearing trusting, stable and affectionate kittens for the benefit of their new owners and the kitten’s future life. Sometimes we go to cat shows, - that is when some of our cats seem to develop suitable qualities for this particular purpose. 

Our knowledge concerning the cats and their upbringing is aimed to be updated continuously through text books, scientific seminars and the sharing of experience amongst breeders.

We are always available for advice about our cats, the breed in general, how to obtain them and other cat related questions.
The idea of breeding and raising these beautiful cats came from a very young age when the rearing of different animals including Siamese cats was an everyday experience in our household.

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